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“Captain Brian Holaway is well versed in the intricacies of our unmatched locale. He can guide to and through a multitude of out-of-the way tidal creeks, bayous, keys and islands. More important is his passionate interest and respect for the region. With unique insights from his many explorations and his studies, not only does he identify the birds and wildlife that inhabit our semi-tropical watery land, but he explains their interconnectedness to their environment and each other. In addition, he shares the fascinating history of rugged people who came long before us: Florida Native Indians, the Calusa, the Spanish, the Cubans, early homesteaders, and the wisdom evident in the growth of their culture.

You will come away with great enjoyment and a new understanding of this beautiful place and its history.”

Historian, Betty Anholt
Author of Sanibel’s Story

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shell Lady

Thank goodness we had west winds for two days. A full moon and a very low tide. Those were my thoughts as I looked out toward the building cumulus nimbus clouds. I was looking forward to taking out "Shell Lady"  her daughter Jess and her husband Brad, and Shell Lady's father, Mr. Incredible.(He served in the Korean War and Vietnam war as a fighter pilot. He completed over a hundred missions in each war, he is 84 years young, and very cool. The trip started with beautiful summertime clouds. This can also mean thunderstorms. We anchored at the south end of Cayo Costa and started shelling a high tide line that not a lot of people had explored in the last three days. The discoveries were baby ear shell's a few worm shell's and olives. Brad and Shell Lady's dad were busy digging at the low tide line for shells. They both went about this activity vigorously. Brad found some nice shells and was not afraid to get wet in doing so. Jess explored the low tide line and has an extremely keen eye for shelling. Shell Lady walked the high tide line and far. Sand dollars were found on her walk along with a zig zag scallop (A flat scallop).  The tide had dropped almost two feet while we were shelling. Jess found a beautiful cone shell 10 yards from the boat just as we were getting ready to leave. Reluctantly we all got on board the boat and started our trek back to Captiva.  The sun was setting as I pulled the anchor, it's hard to leave any sunset in Captiva Pass. (quite possibly my favorite place in the western hemisphere at least my favorite place 26 degrees north of the equator.) The sun set and we watched dolphin breech and listened to a baby dolphin take a breath beside her mother. The green flash decided to show her face once again. I followed the pink horizon  south until it turned to grey, and once again was thankful for the full moon.


Shelllady said...

We had a great time Capt. Brian! We'll see you again soon!! Thanks for the great comments about my Dad...I think he's Mr. Incredible too!! :)

Jess Kraft said...

What a fun trip!! Thanks for showing us a good time.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm so glad Shell lady and family got a chance to meet you and take a trip. Looks like they got some nice treasures! Plus a green flash too - wow!!