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“Captain Brian Holaway is well versed in the intricacies of our unmatched locale. He can guide to and through a multitude of out-of-the way tidal creeks, bayous, keys and islands. More important is his passionate interest and respect for the region. With unique insights from his many explorations and his studies, not only does he identify the birds and wildlife that inhabit our semi-tropical watery land, but he explains their interconnectedness to their environment and each other. In addition, he shares the fascinating history of rugged people who came long before us: Florida Native Indians, the Calusa, the Spanish, the Cubans, early homesteaders, and the wisdom evident in the growth of their culture.

You will come away with great enjoyment and a new understanding of this beautiful place and its history.”

Historian, Betty Anholt
Author of Sanibel’s Story

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let's Shellabrate The Sanibel Stoop

History was made on Febuary17th, when over 700 people gathered at Bowman's Beach to "Stoop" at the same time for the Guinness Book of World Record.  I traveled by boat to the event with friends Doug and Ingrid from Canada. When I arrived in the chaos of 700 people trying to register for the "stoop" I first spotted Karen of THE ESSENTIAL BEACH COMBER.  Then Pam of I LOVE SHELLING.  The day only got better.  Karen introduced me to a friend of hers who also loves the beach and blogs on SHELL BELLE'S TIKI HUT.  We all joined the crowd on the beach and waited for the record breaking STOOP to begin. A helicopter flew over the crowded beach to take a photo of this historical moment (you may notice that I don't have any pictures of us actually doing the stoop, because I was stooped over).   The day was filled with shelling stories, fossiling stories and blogging stories.  Now we have "stooping" stories.  Friday, February 17, was a day for the record books.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That had to be so much fun. What a great thing to get to do.

Traci said...

I wish I could have been there! Im shocked to hear how many people showed up.....700 people! I bet your glad you came by boat!!!

See you in a week Capt. Brian!

Kaybe said...

Fun was had by all! I especially enjoyed meeting the rest of Team Holaway. Thanks so much for the hospitality.

Melanie said...

Karen- So nice to meet you too! Hope to see you again soon.

pam @ i Love Shelling said...

That was a blast!!! I can't wait to see the over head photos from the helicopter...and hope your boat got in the picture. I really was a fun day- so glad we got to hang out!

Capt. Brian Holaway said...

Kaybe, Your always welcome at my campfire.

Shelllady said...

I'm so jealous!! I wish I could have been there with you all! Thanks for sharing it with us Capt. Brian!!