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“Captain Brian Holaway is well versed in the intricacies of our unmatched locale. He can guide to and through a multitude of out-of-the way tidal creeks, bayous, keys and islands. More important is his passionate interest and respect for the region. With unique insights from his many explorations and his studies, not only does he identify the birds and wildlife that inhabit our semi-tropical watery land, but he explains their interconnectedness to their environment and each other. In addition, he shares the fascinating history of rugged people who came long before us: Florida Native Indians, the Calusa, the Spanish, the Cubans, early homesteaders, and the wisdom evident in the growth of their culture.

You will come away with great enjoyment and a new understanding of this beautiful place and its history.”

Historian, Betty Anholt
Author of Sanibel’s Story

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Time

  A few of you have asked what I have been up to this summer, so I thought I would give you all an update.  In June I had a little down time with family and I also started volunteering one day a week at Cayo Costa State Park on their Turtle Patrol which has been educational and rewarding to be able to help document sea turtle nests.  In July I had the honor and privilege of carrying the Prisoner Of War Flag along with my veteran friend Captain Dave Godfrey carrying the United States Flag at Sanibel's Annual 4th of July Parade. 
  Summer time also means longer humid days, regular afternoon thunderstorms and one of my favorite fruits - the MANGO!  I went to the 23rd Annual International Mango Festival at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden  in Miami which I highly recommend for anyone more curious about this world renowned tropical fruit with over 650 documented varieties. So, you may ask, what is your favorite mango Capt Brian? Well, I it's hard to say with so many different varieties, you will have to do some taste testing yourself if you have the opportunity to visit south Florida in the summer.  
   For those of you who are regular followers, you may notice that I am posting less on my blog, but it's not because I'm not busy.  The writer and photographer in me just needs a break sometimes. I have also started an Instagram account (CaptBrianCaptiva) where you may find a few pictures snapped with my phone when I'm on the water.
  Hope you all are having a great summer!  See you soon.  Capt Brian


Cindy Senkar said...

So happy to see the new post! Love the pictures - the last one is t-shirt worthy!! So cool that you're volunteering on Cayo Costa. Please remember to check nests 23 & 24. I suspect Jackie and I are turtle mommas. Hope to see you soon.

Kathy H said...

Great photos. And it is nice to see the updated post. I am sure it is very exciting to be involved with the turtle nest program and to know that you are helping make a huge difference in the success of many hatchlings. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the update, Captain. Sounds like you have had a busy summer so far! Love the photos, especially the last one! Looking forward to dodging those afternoon thunderstorms in August 😊

Gail Douglas said...

All the activities can actually be very refreshing to your soul!! So recharge yourself, enjoy your time with family and on the water, and I'll be looking forward to our next time together!

Susan said...

Yay for you. Glad you're having a wonderful summer.